William Empson (1906-1984)       


Some Versions of Pastoral

Edited by Seamus Perry, Professor of English Literature

and Massey Fellow, Balliol College, Oxford

496 pages  9780199659661

Oxford, 2020:11  ¥13,280


Editor's Introduction
Some Versions of Pastoral
Preface to the 1974 edition
I:Proletarian Literature
II:Double Plots
III:They That Have Power
IV:Marvell's Garden
V:Milton and Bentley
VI:The Beggar's Opera
VII:Alice in Wonderland
Appendix 1: Related Writings
i:The Negation of Negation (1927)
ii:Elizabethan Rogues (1930)
iii:To I.A. Richards (1932)
iv:Mrs Dalloway as a Political Satire (1932)
v:Introduction [to T.S. Eliot, Selected Essays] (1933)
vi:Some Versions of Pastoral (1935)
vii:Pantheism and the new Astronomy (1936)
Appendix 2: James Smith, 'On Metaphysical Poetry'
Textual Notes
Corresponding page numbers in the principal editions of

 Some Versions of Pastoral estimated)

The edition makes Empson's great work more intelligible

to a range of readers and will immediately become the

standard version of this celebrated text.


The Structure of Complex Words

Edited by Helen Thaventhiran, University Lecturer in Modern

Literature at the University of Cambridge and fellow of Robinson

College & Stefan Collini, Professor Emeritus of Intellectual History

and English Literature at the University of Cambridge

672 pages  9780198713432

Oxford, 2020:11  ¥5,770


Editors' Introduction
The Structure of Complex Words
Related Writings
Textual Notes


Provides the fullest account to date of the place of the book

in Empson's oeuvre and its relations to debates in criticism,

linguistics, and intellectual historyIncludes a selection of

related writings, and draws on Empson's drafts and other

unpublished material as well as on his correspondence

with his publisher