□ 11
[Arnold, M.]
Matthew Arnold the Ethnologist
 / Faverty, Frederic E.
248 p. Northwestern UP, 1951/2018:10.
ISBN:9780810138384 pap \7,335
Frederic E. Faverty shows that in his essays on national character, Arnold used anthropological concepts of race and language, albeit inconsistently. Faverty’s critique of Arnold draws particular attention to the lack of a specifically cultural (rather than racial) analysis of the type pioneered by his contemporary Edward Burnett Tylor.

□ 12 [Beckett, S.]
Samuel Beckett: Anatomy of a Literary Revolution
/ Casanova, Pascale.
 128 p. Verso, 2019:11.
ISBN:9781786635693 pap \2,047
Pascale Casanova argues that Beckett’s reputation rests on a pervasive misreading of his oeuvre, which neglects entirely the literary revolution he instigated. Reintroducing the historical into the heart of this body of work, Casanova provides an arresting portrait of Beckett as radically subversive—doing for writing what Kandinsky did for art—and in the process presents the key to some of the most profound enigmas of Beckett’s writing.

□ 13
[Bronte, C.]
Anglican Women Novelists: From Charlotte Bronte to P.D. James / Maltby, Judith. 296 p. Bloomsbury, 2019.
ISBN:9780567665850 \17,425
These essays cover a range of literary genres, from life-writing and whodunnits through social comedy, children's books and supernatural fiction. Spanning writers from the nineteenth to the twenty-first century, they testify both to the developments in Anglicanism over the past two centuries and the changing roles of women within the Church of England and wider society.

□ 14
[Classical Reception]
Ovid and Adaptation in Early Modern English Theater
/ Starks, Lisa S.  288 p. Edinburgh UP, 2019:11.
ISBN:9781474430067 \16,400
The first collection to use adaptation studies in connection with other contemporary theoretical approaches in analyzing early modern transformations of Ovid. It provides innovative perspectives on the "Ovids" that haunted the early modern stage, while exploring intersections between adaptation theory and gender/queer/trans studies, ecofeminism, hauntology, transmediality, rhizomatics, and more. This book examines the multidimensional, ubiquitous role that Ovid and Ovidian adaptations played in English Renaissance drama.

□ 15 [Defoe, D.]
The Shortest Way with Defoe: Robinson Crusoe, Deism, and the Novel / Dill, Elizabeth.  288 p. Virginia UP, 2019:12.
ISBN:9780813943657 pap \5,705
By examining Defoe's early publications alongside Robinson Crusoe, Prince shows that Defoe traveled through nonrealist, nonhistorical genres on the way to discovering the form of prose fiction we now call the novel. Moreover, a climate (or figure) of extreme religious intolerance and political persecution required Defoe always to seek refuge in literary disguise. And, religious convictions aside, Defoe's practice as a writer found him inhabiting forms known for their covert deism.

□ 16 [Dickens, Ch.]
Contested Liberalisms: Martineau, Dickens and the Victorian Press / Crawford, Iain (Edinburgh Critical Studies in Victorian Culture) 288 p. Edinburgh UP, 2019:12.
ISBN:9781474453134 \16,400
Focusing on the importance of Martineau's contribution to the development of the early Victorian press, this book highlights the degree to which the public quarrel between her and Dickens in the mid-1850s represented larger fissures within nineteenth-century liberalism. It places Martineau and Dickens within the context of Anglo-American liberalism and demonstrates how these fissures were embedded within a transatlantic conversation over the role of the press in forming a public sphere essential to the development of a liberal society

□ 17 [Donne]
The Variorum Edition of the Poetry of John Donne, Vol. 5: The Verse Letters / Johnson, Jeffrey S. (ed) 1369 p. Indiana UP, 2019:07.
ISBN:9780253044037 \19,560
Provides the most authoritative texts of the poems that Donne wrote in this genre. It includes complete textual introductions and apparatuses for each of the 42 poems in the volume. In addition, the volume contains comprehensive summaries, along with notes and glosses, of everything written on these poems from Donne’s time through 2013.

□ 18
[Early Modern London]
Reading the Road from Shakespeare to Bunyan / Hopkins, Lisa & Angus, Bill (ed)  272 p. Edinburgh UP, 2019:12.
ISBN:9781474454117 \16,400
Chapters develop our understanding of the place of the road in the early modern imagination and open various windows on a geography which may by its nature seem passing or trivial but is in fact central to all conceptions of movement. They also shed new light on perhaps the most astonishing achievement of early modern plays: their use of one small, bare space to suggest an amazing variety of physical and potentially metaphysical locations.

□ 19
[Early Modern Poets]
English Literary Afterlives Greene, Sidney, Donne and the Evolution of Posthumous Fame / Chaghafi, Elisabeth
(The Manchester Spenser) 288 p. Manchester UP, 2019:12.
ISBN:9781526144959 \16,400
How these authors were posthumously fashioned and refashioned. It argues that during the early modern period there is a gradual movement towards biographical readings that attempt to find the author in the works, which in turn led to the emergence of written lives that consider poets not in terms of their ‘public’ lives but in terms of their poetic activity, i.e. the beginnings of literary biography.

□ 20
The Origins of the English Marriage Plot: Literature, Politics and Religion in the Eighteenth Century / O'Connell, Lisa
318 p. Cambridge UP, 2019:07.
ISBN:9781108485685 \12,279

□ 21
[Eliot, T. S.]
The T.S. Eliot Studies Annual, Vol. 3 / Morgenstern, John D. & J. E. Daniel (ed) 256 p. Clemson/Liverpool UP, 2019:12.
ISBN:9781949979084 \17,425
Editorial Advisory Board:
Ronald Bush, University of Oxford / David E. Chinitz, Loyola University  / Anthony Cuda, University of North Carolina / Robert Crawford, University of St Andrews / Frances Dickey, University of Missouri/ John Haffenden, University of Sheffield / Benjamin G. Lockerd, Grand Valley State University/ Gail McDonald, Goldsmiths, University of London / Gabrielle McIntire, Queen's University / Jahan Ramazani, University of Virginia / Christopher Ricks, Boston University / Ronald Schuchard, Emory University  /Vincent Sherry, Washington University

□ 22 [Eliot, T. S.]
T.S. Eliot and the Dynamic Imagination / Kennedy, Sarah
280 p. Cambridge UP, 2019:08.
ISBN:9781108441346 pap \6,147

□ 23
[Hillis Miller, J.]
Reading Victorian Literature: Essays in Honour of J. Hillis Miller / Wolfreys, Julian & Szuba, Monika. 448 p. Edinburgh UP, 2019:08.
ISBN:9781474447973 \19,475
Reading Victorian Literature provides a critical commentary on major authors of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, from Dickens to Conrad. At the same time, the assembled group of internationally recognised scholars engages with Miller's work, influence and significance in the study of that era. The volume includes original work by Miller and interviews with him.

□ 24
[Hopkins, G. M.]
Gerard Manley Hopkins: The Classical Background and Critical Reception of His Work / Bender, Todd K.
186 p. Johns Hopkins UP, 2019:8.
ISBN:9781421430355 pap \4,890
Bender's study suggests two highly controversial positions: first, that although Hopkins is one of the most original voices in English, his poetry is within a tradition insufficiently recognized by modern critics; and second, that the effect of careful and sympathetic study of classical literature can induce quite the opposite of a neoclassical style in English.

□ 25
[Lawrence, D. H.]
D. H. Lawrence: The Failure and the Triumph of Art
/ Vivas, Eliseo. 320 p. Northwestern UP, 2018:10.
ISBN:9780810139534 pap \7,335
Understanding how Lawrence uses the constitutive symbol provides new insight into his world views. Vivas covers a wide range of Lawrence's work, including Aaron’s Rod, Kangaroo, The Plumed Serpent, Lady Chatterley’s Lover, Sons and Lovers, The Rainbow, and Women in Love.  Vivas was one of the first scholars to use psychological criticism to read Lawrence’s works.

□ 26
[McEwan, Ian]
The Cambridge Companion to Ian McEwan / Head, Dominic (ed) (Cambridge Companions to Literature) 211 p. Cambridge UP, 2019.
ISBN:9781108480338 \13,322

□ 27
[Medieval Literature]
The Cambridge Companion to Medieval English Law and Literature / Barrington, Candace (ed) (Cambridge Companions to Literature) 220 p. Cambridge UP, 2019:8.
ISBN:9781107180789 \12,297

□ 28
[Milton, J.]
Milton's Scriptural Theology: Confronting De Doctrina Christiana / Hale, John K. (Borderlines) 160 p. Amsterdam UP, 2019:8.
ISBN:9781641893404 \16,195
Through close reading of the Latin itself, the author assesses the work and its aim, its degrees of success and its by-products, as these reveal Milton at his "personal best." While to a candid appraisal--or to historians or methodologists of theology--his best might not seem the very best ever, this work remains unutterably precious to Milton, and close reading reveals the passion and energy of his mind in its acts of thought. To understand the personal dimension of Milton's theology is to understand, and evaluate, his mind in action.

□ 29
[Morris / Ruskin]
William Morris and John Ruskin: A New Road on Which the World Should Travel / Blewitt, John. 230 p. Exeter Pr, 2019:6.
ISBN:9781905816347 pap \6,150
The book includes articles first published in the The Journal of William Morris Studies between 1977 and 2012 and new pieces written especially for this volume. Ruskin's beliefs had a profound and lasting impact on Morris who wrote, upon first reading Ruskin whilst at Oxford University, that his views offered a "new road on which the world should travel" - a road that led Morris to social and political change.

□ 30
[Nineteenth-Century Studies]
The Cambridge Companion to Nineteenth-Century Thought
/ Claeys, Gregory (ed) (Cambridge Companions to Literature)
290 p. Cambridge UP, 2019:08.
ISBN:9781107696143 pap \3,892

□ 31
[Orwell, G.]
George Orwell and Education: Learning, Commitment and Human Dependency / Hanley, Christopher. 168 p. Routledge, 2019:10.
ISBN:9780815352822 \23,575
The focus of the book is on critical issues in education, including the idea of universality, the status of young people and the nature of learning. Orwell’s efforts to conceptualise, and artistically realise his own experience, create a platform for exploring current educational issues in their philosophical and political contexts. This book will encourage a reimagining of, and stimulate debate about an idea of education that is less individualistic, pays greater attention to human mutuality, is politically engaged and ultimately more sustainable.

□ 32
[Pope, A.]
The Poems of Alexander Pope. Vol. 1 / Rumbold, V. (ed)
(Longman Annotated English Poets) 272 p. Longman/Routledge, 2015.
ISBN:9780582423411 \33,825

□ 33
[Richardson, Samuel]
Samuel Richardson in Context / Sabor, Peter & B. A. Schellenberg (ed) (Literature in Context)
388 p. Cambridge UP, 2019:07.
ISBN:9781316604526 pap \4,712

□ 34
Romanticism, Self-Canonization, and the Business of Poetry / Gamer, Michael (Cambridge Studies in Romanticism) 330 p. Cambridge UP, 2019:07.
ISBN:9781316611531 pap \4,712

□ 35
[Ruskin, J.]
John Ruskin: An Idiosyncratic Dictionary Encompassing His Passions, His Delusions & His Prophecies / Glover, Michael
160 p. Lund Humphries, 2019:9.
ISBN:9781848223745 \3,587
Combining judiciously selected extracts from Ruskin's writings with the author's wittily insightful interpretations, this book is essential reading for all those curious to know what Ruskin did with a cyanometer, why he hated iron railings and the Renaissance, and how Proust's admiration of the man was tinged with distrust.

□ 36
[Shakespeare, W.]
Much Ado About Nothing: A Critical Reader / Cartmell, D. & P. J. Smith (ed) (Arden Early Modern Drama Guides)
258 p. Arden, 2019.
ISBN:9781350126534 pap \5,942

□ 37
[Shakespeare, W.]
Shakespeare and the Arab World / Hennessey, Katherine
(Shakespeare And...) 270 p. Berghahn Books, 2019.
ISBN:9781789202595 pap \4,881
Offering a variety of perspectives on the history and role of Arab Shakespeare translation, production, adaptation and criticism, this volume explores both international and locally focused Arab/ic appropriations of Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets

□ 38 [Shakespeare, W.]
Shakespeare's Artists: The Painters, Sculptors, Poets and Musicians in his Plays and Poems / Sokol, B. J.  344 p. Bloomsbury, 2019:9.
ISBN:9781350122444 pap \5,942
This study of the many poets, musicians and visual artists portrayed or described in Shakespeare's plays and poems reveals a fascination with art and its makers that continued to influence Shakespeare's work throughout his career. It also uncovers unexpected aspects of an enthusiastic Elizabethan consumption of artworks, an enthusiasm that had significant bearing on the quite new profession that Shakespeare himself followed.

□ 39
[Shakespeare, W.]
Shakespeare Scholars in Conversation: Interviews with 24 Leading Experts / Jensen, Michael P. 184 p. McFarland, 2019:4.
ISBN:9781476670607 pap \7,335
Interviewees include Sir Stanley Wells, Sir Jonathan Bate, Sir Brian Vickers, Ann Thompson, Virginia Mason Vaughan, George T. Wright, Lukas Erne, MacDonald P. Jackson, Peter Holland, James Shapiro, Katherine Duncan-Jones and Barbara Hodgdon.

□ 40
[Shelley, P. B. & M.]
The Collaborative Literary Relationship of Percy Bysshe Shelley & Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley / Mercer, Anna
(Routledge New Textual Studies in Literature)
209 p. Routledge, 2020.
ISBN:9780367277956 \23,575
The first to dedicate a full-length study to exploring the nature of the Shelleys’ literary relationship in depth. It offers new insights into the works of these talented individuals who were bound together by their personal romance and shared commitment to a literary career. Most innovatively, the book describes how Mary Shelley contributed significantly to Percy Shelley’s writing, whilst also discussing Percy’s involvement in her work.

□ 41
[Spenser, E.]
Edmund Spenser and the Romance of Space / Badcoe, Tamsin (The Manchester Spenser) 344 p. Manchester UP, 2019:7.
ISBN:9781526139672 \16,400
This study advances the exploration of literary space into new areas, firstly by taking advantage of recent interdisciplinary interests in the spatial qualities of early modern thought and culture, and secondly by reading literature concerning the art of cosmography and navigation alongside imaginative literature with the purpose of identifying shared modes and preoccupations.

□ 42
[Stevenson, R. L.]
The Letters of Robert Louis Stevenson, Vol. 1 & 2..
/ Stevenson, R. L. 350 p. Nova, 2019.
ISBN:9781536154931 / 9781536154955 @ \37,490

□ 43
[Victorian Poetry]
Science, Language, and Reform in Victorian Poetry: Political Dialects / Barrow, Barbara (The Nineteenth Century Series)
186 p. Routledge, 2019.
ISBN:9780367191856 \23,575
While Victorian scientists studied the origins of speech, the history of dialects, and the barrier between human and animal language, poets such as Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Alfred Tennyson, and Thomas Hardy drew on this research to explore social unrest, the expansion of the electorate, and the ever-widening boundaries of empire.

□ 44 [Wilde, O.]
Beautiful Untrue Things: Forging Oscar Wilde's  Extraordinary Afterlife / Mackie, Gregory
304 p. Toronto UP, 2019:7.
ISBN:9781487502904 \13,040
This study tells a larger story about Oscar Wilde’s continued cultural impact at a moment when he had fallen out of favour with the literary establishment. It probes the activities of a series of eccentric and often outrageous figures who inhabited Oscar Wilde’s much-mythologized authorial persona – in forging him, they effectively wrote as Wilde – in order to argue that literary forgery can be reimagined as a form of performance.

□ 45 [Woolf, V.]
Religion around Virginia Woolf / Paulsell, Stephanie
248 p. Pennsylvania State U, 2019:11.
ISBN:9780271084886 pap \4,066.
Paulsell examines the ideas about God that hover around Woolf’s writings and in the minds of her characters. She also considers how Woolf, drawing from religious language and themes in her novels and in her reflections on the practices of reading and writing, created a literature that did, and continues to do, a particular kind of religious work.
□ 46
Character and Mourning: Woolf, Faulkner, and the Novel Elegy of the First World War / Penner, Erin. 242 p. Virginia UP, 2019:07.
ISBN:9780813942971 pap \4,808
By refusing to let war poets dominate the larger cultural portrait of the postwar period, these novelists negotiated a relationship between soldiers and civilians—a relationship that was crucial once the war had ended. Highlighting their sustained attention to elegiac reinvention over the course of their writing careers—from Jacob’s Room to The Waves, from The Sound and the Fury to Go Down, Moses.

□ 47
[Yeats, W. B.]
Adventures in the Deeps of the Mind: The Cuchulain Cycle of W. B. Yeats / Friedman, Barton R. (Princeton Essays in Literature) 168 p. Princeton UP, 1977/2019.
ISBN:9780691616537 pap \3,890