168 [American Philosophy]
Nature in American Philosophy / Groot, Jean De (ed)
(Studies in Philosophy and the History of Philosophy)
200 p. CUAP, 2019:01.
ISBN:9780813232065 pap \5,731

169 -Richard J. Bernstein and the Expansion of American Philosophy: Thinking the Plural / Morgan, Marcia & Craig, Megan (ed) (American Philosophy Series)
200 p. Rowman & Littlefield, 2019:05.
ISBN:9781498530125 pap \7,050

170 [Ancient Philosophy]
Love: A New Understanding of an Ancient Emotion
/ May, Simon. 285 p. Oxford, 2019.
ISBN:9780190884833 \4,193
After arguing that such founding Western myths as the Odyssey and Abraham's call by God to Canaan in the Bible powerfully exemplify his new conception of love, May goes on to re-examine the relation of love to beauty, sex, and goodness in the light of this conception, offering among other things a novel theory of beauty-and suggesting, against Plato, that we can love others for their ugliness (while also seeing them as beautiful).

171 [Aristotle]
Aristotle and the Eleatic One / Clarke, Timothy
(Oxford Aristotle Studies Series) 227 p. Oxford, 2019.
ISBN:9780198719700 \8,300
Aristotle is commonly thought to be an unreliable interpreter of his Presocratic predecessors; in contrast, this book argues that his critique can shed valuable light on the motivation of the Eleatic theory and its influence on the later philosophical tradition.

172 -Aristotle's Art of Rhetoric / Aristotle; tr. Bartlett, Robert C. 288 p. Chicago UP, 2019.
ISBN:9780226591629 \5,400
Bartlett offers a literal, yet easily readable, new translation of Aristotle’s “Art of Rhetoric,” one that takes into account important alternatives in the manuscript and is fully annotated to explain historical, literary, and other allusions. Bartlett translation is also accompanied by an outline of the argument of each book; copious indexes, including subjects, proper names, and literary citations; a glossary of key terms; and a substantial interpretive essay.

173 [Benjamin/Wittgenstein]
The Fall of Language: Benjamin and Wittgenstein on Meaning / Stern, Alexander. 386 p. Harvard UP, 2019.
ISBN:9780674980914 \7,380
Known largely for his essays on culture, aesthetics, and literature, Walter Benjamin also wrote on the philosophy of language. This early work is famously obscure and considered hopelessly mystical by some. But for Alexander Stern, it contains important insights and anticipates-in some respects surpasses-the later thought of a central figure in the philosophy of language, Ludwig Wittgenstein.

174 [Descartes]
The Oxford Handbook of Descartes and Cartesianism / Nadler, Steven (ed) (Oxford Handbooks)
880 p. Oxford, 2019.
ISBN:9780198796909 \18,260
The first part focuses on the various aspects of Descartes's biography and philosophy, with chapters on his epistemology, method, metaphysics, physics, mathematics, moral philosophy, political thought, medical thought. The second part are devoted to the defense, development and modification of Descartes's ideas by later generations of Cartesian philosophers in France, the Netherlands, Italy, and elsewhere. The third and final part considers the opposition to Cartesian philosophy by other philosophers.

175 [Duns Scotus, John]
The Singular Voice of Being: John Duns Scotus and Ultimate Difference / Lazella, Andrew (Medieval Philosophy: Texts and Studies) 269 p. Fordham UP, 2019
ISBN:9780823284573 \10,660
The division of being culminates in individuation as the final degree of perfection, which constitutes indivisible (i.e., singular) degrees of being. This systematic study of ultimate difference opens new dimensions for understanding Scotus’s dense thought with respect to not only univocity, but also to individuation, cognition, and acts of the will.

176 [Feminism]
Feminism: A Brief Introduction to the Ideas, Debates, and Politics of the Movement / Cameron, Deborah
144 p. Chicago UP, 2019.
ISBN:9780226620626 pap \2,025
Broad in scope but refreshingly concise, this book is perfect for anyone who needs a straightforward primer on the complex history of feminism, a nuanced explanation of key issues and debates, or strategic thinking about the questions facing activists today.

177 [Foucault, Michel]
"Discourse and Truth" and "Parresia": English Edition established by Nancy Luxon / Foucault, Michel; edited by Henri-Paul Fruchaud and Daniele Lorenzini
(Chicago Foucault Project) 295 p. Chicago UP, 2019:07
ISBN:9780226509464 \4,725
The book is composed of two parts: a talk, Parresia, delivered at the University of Grenoble in 1982, and a series of lectures entitled “Discourse and Truth,” given at the University of California, Berkeley in 1983, which appears here for the first time in its full and correct form. Together, they provide an unprecedented account of Foucault’s reading of the Greek concept of parresia, often translated as “truth-telling” or “frank speech.”

178 [Hegel]
Hegel's Theory of Normativity: The Systematic Foundations of the Philosophical Science of Right
/ Thompson, Kevin. 144 p. Northwestern UP, 2019.
ISBN:9780810139923 pap \5,731
“Kevin Thompson’s book is a well-written and thought-provoking study of Hegel’s theory of normativity. The book highlights with clarity, precision, and palpable intellectual energy what is original in Hegel’s theory, and in so doing provides a fine in introduction to Hegel’s political thought for newcomers, as well as an insightful and challenging interpretation for those already familiar with Hegel’s philosophy.” -Stephen Houlgate

179 -The Philosophy of Hegel as a Doctrine of the Concreteness of God and Humanity, Vol. 1: The Doctrine of God / Il'in, I A/(ed/tr) Philip T. Grier (Topics in Historical Philosophy 1) 408 p. Northwestern UP, 2010/2019:06.
ISBN:9780810126091 pap \9,020

180 -The Philosophy of Hegel as a Doctrine of the Concreteness of God and Humanity, Vol. 2: The Doctrine of Humanity / Il'in, I A.; ed/tr. by Philip T. Grier (Topics in Historical Philosophy 1) 320 p. Northwestern UP, 2011/2019:06.
ISBN:9780810126114 pap \9,020
Originally published in 1918, on the eve of the Russian civil war, Il'in's commentary on Hegel marked both an apogee of Russian Silver Age philosophy and a significant manifestation of the resurgence of interest in Hegel that began in the early 20th Century

181 -A Spirit of Trust: A Reading of Hegel's Phenomenology / Brandom, Robert B.
768 p. Harvard UP, 2019:05.
ISBN:9780674976818 \7,380
In this much-anticipated work, Robert Brandom presents a completely new retelling of the romantic rationalist adventure of ideas that is Hegel’s classic The Phenomenology of Spirit. Connecting analytic, Continental, and historical traditions, RB shows how dominant modes of thought in contemporary philosophy are challenged by Hegel.

182 [Hegel/Kant]
Thinking and the I: Hegel and the Critique of Kant
/ Ferrarin, Alfredo. 233 p. Northwestern UP, 2019.
ISBN:9780810139381 pap \5,731
What is the relation between thinking and the I that thinks? And what is the relation between thought and reality? The ordinary view shared by modern philosophers from Descartes to Kant, as well as by common sense, is that there is only thought when someone thinks something, and thoughts and concepts are mental acts that refer to objects outside us.

183 [Husserl]
Husserl: German Perspectives / Drummond, J.J. & Hoffe, Otfried (ed) 320 p. Fordham UP, 2019:06.
ISBN:9780823284467 \12,300
This book offers a corrective to the trend to present Husserl’s thought through critical departures from it, such of those as Heidegger, Derrida, and Dummett, instead approaching, and sometimes criticizing, Husserl’s thought on its own terms.  - Burt Hopkins, University of Lille

184 [Islamic Law]
Crime and Punishment in Islamic Law: A Fresh Interpretation / Kamali, Mohammad Hashim
451 p. Oxford, 2019.
ISBN:9780190910648 \6,993
A penetrating analysis on how scriptural Islamic teachings on crime and punishment should be holistically understood and applied
Offers a fresh interpretation of authoritative scriptural evidence holistically understood and applied to crucial aspects and principles of Islamic criminal justice

185 [Japanese Philosophy]
Watsuji on Nature: Japanese Philosophy in the Wake of Heidegger / Johnson, David W. (Studies in Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy) 264 p. Northwestern UP, 2019.
ISBN:9780810140462 pap \5,731
In the first study of its kind, David W. Johnson’s Watsuji on Nature reconstructs the astonishing philosophy of nature of Watsuji Tetsuro (1889?1960), situating it in relation both to his reception of the thought of Heidegger and to his renewal of core ontological positions in classical Confucian and Buddhist philosophy.

186 [Kant]
Kant's Nonideal Theory of Politics / Huseyinzadegan, Dilek
224 p. Northwestern UP, 2019.
ISBN:9780810139879 pap \5,731
This novel analysis thus challenges the common assumption that an ideal theory of cosmopolitanism constitutes Kant’s sole political legacy. Dilek Huseyinzadegan demonstrates that Kant employs a teleological worldview throughout his political writings as a means of grappling with the pressing issues of multiplicity, diversity, and plurality-issues that confront us to this day.

187 [Leibniz]
Living Mirrors: Infinity, Unity, and Life in Leibniz's Philosophy / Nachtomy, Ohad. 232 p. Oxford, 2019:04.
ISBN:9780190907327 \11,900
Nachtomy sees Leibniz's nuanced view of infinity- how it differs in the divine as well as human spheres, and its relationship to numerical and metaphysical unity-as key in this effort. Leibniz defined living beings by means of an infinite nested structure particular to what he called "natural machines"-and for him, an intermediate kind of infinity is the defining feature of living beings.

188 -Leibniz on the Problem of Evil / Rateau, Paul
384 p. Oxford, 2019.
ISBN:9780199996506 \11,900
Paul Rateau traces the genesis and development of G.W. Leibniz's treatment of the problem of evil, from his earliest writings through the Essays on Theodicy (1710). By investigating Leibniz's early thinking about what evil is and where it comes from, Rateau reveals the deeply original nature of Leibniz's later work and the challenges it raises.

189 [Levinas, Emanuelis]
The Oxford Handbook of Levinas / Morgan, Michael L. (ed)
(Oxford Handbooks) 880 p. Oxford UP, 2019.
ISBN:9780190455934 \24,500
Provides a unique overview of Levinas's place in the traditions of Western philosophy and religious thought, and the importance of his thought in other disciplines. Includes novel and critical readings of central themes in Levinas's work

190 [Marx, K.]
The Oxford Handbook of Karl Marx / Vidal, Matt et al. (ed)
(Oxford Handbooks) 880 p. Oxford, 2019.
ISBN:9780190695545 \24,500
…provides an entry point for those new to Marxism. At the same time, its chapters, written by leading Marxist scholars, advance Marxist theory and research. Its coverage is more comprehensive than previous volumes on Marx in terms of both foundational provides an entry point for those new to Marxism. At the same time, its chapters, written by leading Marxist scholars, advance Marxist theory and research. Its coverage is more comprehensive than previous volumes on Marx in terms of both foundational

191 [Medieval Philosophy]
A History of Philosophy without Any Gaps, Vol. 4: Medieval Philosophy / Adamson, Peter. 688 p. Oxford, 2019.
ISBN:9780198842408 \4,150
Adamson introduces us to some of the greatest thinkers of the Western intellectual tradition, including Peter Abelard, Anselm of Canterbury, Thomas Aquinas, John Duns Scotus, William of Ockham, and Roger Bacon. And the medieval period was notable for the emergence of great women thinkers, including Hildegard of Bingen, Marguerite Porete, and Julian of Norwich.

192 [Nietzsche]
Nietzsche on the Decadence and Flourishing of Culture
/ Huddleston, Andrew 208 p. Oxford UP, 2019.
ISBN:9780198823674 \7,470
Great individuals are not all that matter. Andrew Huddleston uses Nietzsche's perfectionistic ideal of a flourishing culture and his diagnostics of cultural malaise as a point of departure for reconsidering many of the central themes in Nietzsche's ethics and social philosophy, as well as for understanding the interconnections with the form of cultural criticism that was part and parcel of his distinctive philosophical enterprise.

193 [Medieval Philosophy]
Oxford Studies in Medieval Philosophy, Vol. 7
/ Pasnau, Robert (ed) (Oxford Studies in Medieval Philosophy) 288 p. Oxford, 2019:08.
ISBN:9780198845522 pap \4,150
Oxford Studies in Medieval Philosophy showcases the best scholarly research in this flourishing field. The series covers all aspects of medieval philosophy, including the Latin, Arabic, and Hebrew traditions, and runs from the end of antiquity into the Renaissance. It publishes new work by leading scholars in the field, and combines historical scholarship with philosophical acuteness. The papers will address a wide range of topics, from political philosophy to ethics, and logic to metaphysics.

194 [Spinoza]
Being and Reason: An Essay on Spinoza's Metaphysics
/ Lin, Martin. 224 p. Oxford, 2019.
ISBN:9780198834151 \7,470
In Being and Reason, Martin Lin offers a new interpretation of Spinoza's core metaphysical doctrines with attention to how and why, in Spinoza, metaphysical notions are entangled with cognitive, logical, and epistemic ones. For example, according to Spinoza, a substance is that which can be conceived through itself and a mode is that which is conceived through another. Thus, metaphysical notions, are defined through a notion that is either cognitive or logical, being conceived through.