26 [Auden/ Shakespeare]
Lectures on Shakespeare / Auden, W. H.; ed. Kirsch, Arthur C. (Lectures on Shakespeare) 424 p. Princeton UP, 2019:10.
ISBN:9780691197166 pap \2,693
Mr. Auden . . . proposes to read all Shakespeare's plays in chronological order." So the New York Times reported on September 27, 1946, giving notice of a rare opportunity to hear one of the century's great poets discuss at length one of the greatest writers of all time. Reconstructed by Arthur Kirsch, these lectures offer remarkable insights into Shakespeare's plays and sonnets while also adding immeasurably to our understanding of Auden.

27 [Austen, J.]
The Making of Jane Austen, with a new afterword
/ Looser, Devoney. 291 p. Johns Hopkins UP, 2017/2019:01.
ISBN:9781421428994 pap \3,271
The daring director-actress Rosina Filippi shaped Austen's reputation with her pioneering dramatizations, leading thousands of young women to ventriloquize Elizabeth Bennet's audacious lines before drawing room audiences. Even the staid history of Austen scholarship has its bizarre stories.

28 -Some Words of Jane Austen / Tave, Stuart M.
304 p. Chicago UP, 2019:05.
ISBN:9780226633398 pap \2,700
Walter E. Anderson | Nineteenth-Century Fiction |

“Tave’s book is one critical study of her novels which Jane Austen could have read with nothing but pleasure, so accurately and subtly does he probe the profound meaning of her art. Tave’s work is, very probably, the best interpretation of Austen’s meaning ever written; certainly it will be, henceforth, the achievement against which all other such inquiries will have to be measured.

29 [Bronte, Charlotte]
Jane Eyre; 3rd ed. / Bronte, Charlotte; ed. Juliette Atkinson & Margaret Smith (Oxford World's Classics)
576 p. Oxford, 2019:09.
ISBN:9780198804970 pap \994
New to this Edition: Introduction by Juliette Atkinson, informed by the latest critical and scholarly thinking on the novel
New and expanded Notes

30 [Chaucer, G.]   → 81
The Poet and the Antiquaries: Chaucerian Scholarship and the Rise of Literary History, 1532-1635 / Cook, Megan L. (Folger Shakespeare Library) 278 p. Pennsylvania UP, 2019
ISBN:9780812250824 \9,831
Linking Chaucer's exceptional standing in the poetic canon with his role as a symbol of linguistic and national identity, The Poet and the Antiquaries demonstrates how and why Chaucer became not only the first English author to become a subject of historical inquiry but also a crucial figure for conceptualizing the medieval in early modern England.

31 -The Norton Chaucer / Chaucer, Geoffrey; ed. David Lawton. 1600 p. Norton, 2019:6.
ISBN:9780393603477 pap \8,200

32 -Geoffrey Chaucer, A Very Short Introduction
/ Wallace, David (Very Short Introductions)
144 p. Oxford, 2019:08.
ISBN:9780198767718 pap \1,480
Previously published in hardback as Geoffrey Chaucer: A New Introduction

33 [Chaucer/ Spenser]
Rereading Chaucer and Spenser: Dan Geffrey with the New Poete / Stenner, R. et al. (ed) (The Manchester Spenser /// of Medieval and Early Modern culture.)
264 p. Manchester UP, 2019:05.
ISBN:9781526136916 \16,960
By reading one of the greatest poets of the Middle Ages alongside one of the greatest poets of the English Renaissance, this collection poses questions about poetic authority, influence, and the nature of intertextual relations in a more wide-ranging manner than ever before. With its dual focus on authors from periods often conceived as radically separate, the collection also responds to current interests in periodisation. This approach will engage academics, researchers and students of Medieval and Early Modern Periods.

34 [Classical Reception]  → 4
The Oxford History of Classical Reception in English Literature, Vol. 5: After 1880 / Haynes, Kenneth
(The Oxford History of Classical Reception)
736 p. Oxford, 2019:03.
ISBN:9780199585106 \24,640
This fifth and final volume in the series, and the last to appear, covers the years from 1880 onwards. Written by leading scholars in such diverse fields as classics, English literature, history, and comparative literature, the chapters provide insights into the role of classical literature in education, translation, and notions of empire, as well as engaging with the works of major writers, including Thomas Hardy, W. B. Yeats, T. S. Eliot, Virginia Woolf, Ezra Pound, W. H. Auden, and Seamus Heaney.

35 [Conrad, Hardy]
Hardy, Conrad and the Senses / Epstein, Hugh
272 p. Edinburgh UP, 2019.
ISBN:9781474449861 \16,960
Prose, wrote Arthur Symons, ‘listens at the doors of all the senses’. Reading the fiction of Hardy and Conrad alongside the work of nineteenth century physical scientists, Hugh Epstein shows in fascinating detail how their prose listens, and what it This is a book that will both excite and reward readers of either novelist. - Phillip Mallett, University of St Andrews

36 [Dickens, Ch.]
Charles Dickens as an Agent of Change / Frenk Joachim & Lena Steveker (ed) 242 p. Cornell UP, 2014/2019.
ISBN:9781501736285 pap \4,419

37 -Collaborative Dickens: Authorship and Victorian Christmas Periodicals / Klimaszewski, Melisa (Victorian Studies) 320 p. Ohio UP, 2019.
ISBN:9780821423653 \13,120
“Collaborative Dickens is a new and distinct contribution that will be of substantial interest to Dickens scholars, to those working more broadly on Victorian studies, to researchers focused on the periodical press, and to scholars examining models of collaborative authorship.” --Iain Crawford, past president, the Dickens Society

38 [Doyle, Arthur Conan]
Conan Doyle's Wide World: Sherlock Holmes and Beyond
/ Lycett, Andrew. 256 p. I.B.Tauris, 2019:02.
ISBN:9781788312066 \4,025
Arthur Conan Doyle was not simply the creator of the world's greatest detective: he was also an intrepid traveller - and extraordinary travel writer. His descriptions of his journeys and adventures - which took him to the Arctic and the Alps, throughout Africa, Australia and North America, and across every ocean in between - are full of insight, humour and exceptional evocations of place. Until now, these captivating travelogues have never been gathered together.

Eagleton  → 12
39 [Early Modern Culture]
The Matter of Song in Early Modern England: Texts in and of the Air / Larson, Katherine R. 272 p. Oxford, 2019:08.
ISBN:9780198843788 \9,960
Examines traces of song performance across a wide range of literary texts and cultural documents in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries Features a wealth of literary and musical examples that testify to women's active
involvement in early modern musical culture in England.

40 -The Two-Soul'd Animal: Early Modern Literatures of the Classical and Christian Souls / Lee, James Jaehoon
201 p. Northwestern UP, 2019:03.
ISBN:9780810139268 pap \5,731
“James Jaehoon Lee’s The Two-Soul’d Animal is a focused and enlightening analysis of the ways English Renaissance literary writers made productive use of ‘the paradox of the two souls.’” -Alan Stewart, author of The Oxford History of Life Writing, Volume 2: Early Modern

41 [EETS]
A Glossed Wycliffite Psalter, Volume 1: Oxford, Bodleian Library MS Bodley 554 / Kuczynski, Michael P. (Early English Text Society OS 352) 368 p. Oxford, 2019:09.
ISBN:9780198835202 \9,960
The edition provides textual notes and variants to parts of the commentary that survive in other Wycliffite Bible manuscripts, the complete Latin sources from Lyra's fourteenth-century Latin text, bibliographic references to the Augustinian sources, and a glossary to the Psalms and commentary texts. There are also extensive explanatory notes concerning the importance of Lyra's exegesis to two other unedited manuscripts related to Wycliffite biblical scholarship.

42 -Ditto, Volume 2 / Kuczynski, Michael P. (Early English Text Society OS 353) 368 p. Oxford, 2019:09.
ISBN:9780198845119 \9,960

43 [Eighteenth-Century]
Fiction without Humanity: Person, Animal, Thing in Early Enlightenment Literature and Culture / Festa, Lynn. 356 p. Pennsylvania UP, 2019:06.
ISBN:9780812251319 \11,471
Fiction Without Humanity offers an ambitious and persuasive account of the meaning of 'humanity'-and humanity's fictions-from radically other points of view. This book marks a bracing and mobilizing intervention in eighteenth-century eco-criticism as well as the environmental humanities more generally."-Helen Thompson, author of Fictional Matter: Empiricism, Corpuscles, and the Novel

44 -Born Yesterday: Inexperience and the Early Realist Novel / Hershinow, Stephanie Insley. 208 p. Johns Hopkins UP, 2019:07.
ISBN:9781421429670 \8,191
In lean and sculpted prose, Born Yesterday examines how novels thought about experience without committing themselves to development. It is a must read for students of the novel and of eighteenth-century literature and for anyone interested in what what the methods of literary studies can illuminate about culture and ideas. --Jonathan Kramnick, Yale University,

45 -The Oxford Handbook of Eighteenth-Century Satire
/ Bullard, Paddy (ed) (Oxford Handbooks) 752 p. Oxford, 2019:07.
ISBN:9780198727835 \15,770
This Handbook is a guide to the different kinds of satire written in English during the 'long' eighteenth century. It focuses on texts that appeared between the restoration of the Stuart monarchy in 1660 and the outbreak of the French Revolution in 1789. Outlier chapters extend the story back to first decade of the seventeenth century, and forward to the second decade of the nineteenth.

46 [Eliot, G.]  → 80
George Eliot: Interdisciplinary Essays / Arnold, J. & L. Marz Harper (ed) 330 p. Palgrave Macmillan, 2019/03.
ISBN:9783030106256 \16,648
Addresses natural history, mythology, social reform, the world of nature, gender studies, representations of Eliot’s writing in periodicals, poetry, international translation, materialist theory, and Eliot’s own research and experience of Italy and its history.

47 [Elizabethan England]
Paper Monsters: Persona and Literary Culture in Elizabethan England / Fallon, Samuel (Material Texts)
232 p. Pennsylvania UP, 2019.
ISBN:9780812251296 \10,660
"Samuel Fallon is a skilled and often revelatory close reader of literature who displays a remarkable familiarity with minor writers and publishers of late Elizabethan England. Capacious and ambitious in its scope, Paper Monsters is a distinctive and highly accomplished piece of literary criticism."-Alan Stewart, Columbia University

48 [Englishness]
Englishness Revisited : Contemporary Literary Representations of English National and Cultural Identity / Kolenda, Karolina. 216 p. Columbia UP, 2019:10.
ISBN:9788323346043 pap \8,200
Literary works by Ackroyd, Barnes, and Thorpe are discussed in the context of philosophy of history, spatial definitions of Englishness founded upon the myth of Green England, the tradition of the pastoral novel, and the discourse of the picturesque. Literary approaches to these issues are confronted with prevailing discourses of Englishness that in the late twentieth century were being both reinforced and questioned from different positions

49 [Gothic]
The Gothic and Theory: An Edinburgh Companion
/ Hogle, Jerrold E. & Robert Miles (ed) (Edinburgh Companion to the Gothic) 248 p. Edinburgh UP, 2019:04.
ISBN:9781474427777 \19,080
Provides the first detailed discussion of the interrelationship between literary theory and the Gothic from the inception of the Gothic to the present day Makes connections between a wide variety of issues, from eco-crisis and
contemporary culture wars to the persistent problem of the ‘other’

50 -Gothic Antiquity: History, Romance, and the Architectural Imagination, 1760-1840 / Townshend, Dale
448 p. Oxford, 2019:09.
ISBN:9780198845669 \12,450
The first sustained historical account of the relationship between Gothic architecture and Gothic and Romantic literature from 1760 to 1840. Explores the extent to which the literary Gothic aesthetic participated in the debates and practices with which it was contemporary, and how architectural aestheticians and practicing architects responded to Gothic literature. Horace Walpole, Ann Radcliffe, and offers a ground-breaking reinterpretation.

 Heaney, S.   → 4

51 [Jonson, B.]
Volpone's Bastards: Theorising Jonson's City Comedy
/ Hui, Issac. 192 p. Edinburgh UP, 2018/2019:08.
ISBN:9781474452496 pap \4,237
Isaac Hui's study presents us with a passionate and highly original approach to reading and thinking about Jonson's comedies. Taking under his critical lens ? primarily, but not exclusively - Volpone and its 'bastards', the book takes us on a wide and most rewarding journey through many different and very topical issues and considerations. - Alenka Zupan, Research Center of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts

52 [Joyce, J.]  → 86
Joyce's Creative Process & the Construction of Characters in Ulysses: Becoming the Blooms / Crispi, L.
368 p. Oxford, 2015/2019:06.
ISBN:9780198834175 pap \4,926
New in Paperback. This book is both a study of how James Joyce created two of the most iconic characters in literature-Leopold Bloom and Marion Tweedy Bloom-as well as a history of the genesis of Ulysses.

53 -James Joyce, Science, and Modernist Print Culture: "The Einstein of English Fiction"
/ Drouin, Jeffrey S. (Routledge Studies in Twentieth Century Literature) 200 p. Routledge, 2018:08.
ISBN:9781138378049 pap \8,480
Looking at experiments with space, time, motion, and perspective, it rigorously surveys discourse of science and the novel in the print culture networks connected to Joyce, with concrete analysis of avant-garde magazines, newspapers, popular science books, BBC pamphlets, and radio broadcasts between 1914 and 1939. These sources elucidate changes that Joyce made to the manuscripts, typescripts, and page proofs of certain episodes of his final two novels.

54 -Legacies of the Sublime: Literature, Aesthetics, and Freedom from Kant to Joyce / Kitson, Christopher
(SUNY series, Studies in the Long Nineteenth Century)
200 p. SUNY, 2019:05.
ISBN:9781438474175 \13,940
Kitson shows how the sublime survived well after the heyday of romanticism as a way of representing human freedom. This new context produces fresh interpretations of canonical literary works, by Thomas Carlyle, H. G. Wells, Joseph Conrad, and James Joyce, with reference to important theoretical texts by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, Arthur Schopenhauer, Friedrich Nietzsche and Sigmund Freud.

55 -James Joyce and the Matter of Paris / Flynn, Catherine. 250 p. Cambridge UP, 2019:08.
ISBN:9781108485579 \15,900
'Catherine Flynn gives us the first comprehensive guide not to Joyce's Paris, but rather to Paris's Joyce: how the city, and the artistic, economic, and cultural landscape he encountered there fundamentally shaped the writer's vision. This book, for the first time, shows us how Paris is the second city of the Joycean imagination.' Barry McCrea, University of Notre Dame, Indiana

56 [Medieval Studies]
Otherworlds: Fantasy & History in Medieval Literature
/ Byrne, A. 240 p. Oxford, 2015/2019:08.
ISBN:9780198833956 pap \4,150
Otherworlds are actually a lot less 'other' than they might initially seem. Authors often use the idea of the otherworld to comment on very serious topics. It is not unusual for otherworld depictions to address political issues in the historical world. Most intriguing of all are those texts where locations in the real world are re-imagined as otherworlds.

57 -Symptomatic Subjects: Bodies, Medicine, and Causation in the Literature of Late Medieval England
/ Oriemanski, Julie (Alembics: Penn Studies in Literature and Science) 333 p. Pennsylvania UP, 2019.
ISBN:9780812250909 \11,471
"An exciting, accomplished, and dazzling book. Julie Orlemanski is reinventing the field of literature and medicine, making a signal contribution to the medical humanities while gifting the field of Middle English studies with a bracing series of new interpretations that will influence our readings of medieval and other literatures for many years to come."-Bruce Holsinger, University of Virginia

58 -Bede's Latin Poetry / Lapidge, Michael (Oxford Medieval Texts) 624 p. Oxford, 2019:09.
ISBN:9780199242771 \15,770
The first-ever collected edition of Bede's corpus of Latin verse, based on all surviving manuscript evidence Provides new evidence for attributing a number of Latin hymns and epigrams to Bede. Discusses other poems attributed erroneously to Bede by earlier editors. Include the first edition of unknown early draft of Bede's Life of St Cuthbert'

59 -Scribes of Space: Place in Middle English Literature and Late Medieval Science / Goldie, Matthew Boyd
293 p. Cornell UP, 2019.
ISBN:9781501734045 \9,020

60 [Milton, J.]
The Complete Works of John Milton, Vol. 11: Manuscript Writings / Poole, William (ed) (Oxford English Texts)
496 p. Oxford, 2019:08.
ISBN:9780199585229 \20,750
This is the first edition to collect together Milton's non-poetic manuscript writings. It is also the first edition of Milton's Commonplace Book manuscript to provide both the original text and a full translation and commentary.
Already Published: Vol. 2: The 1617 Poems (2008
, Vol. 3: The Shorter Poems (2012), Vol.6: Vernacular Regicide (2013), Vol. 8: De Doctrina Christiana (2012)

61 -Disciplinary Measures from the Metrical Psalms to Milton / Graham, Kenneth J. E. 206 p. Routledge, 2016/2019.
ISBN:9780367175726 pap \7,841
Its primary goal is to fill a gap in the field of Protestant poetics, which has never produced a study focused on the way in which poetry participates in and reflects on the post-Reformation English Church's attempts to govern conduct. Its secondary goal is to revise the understandings of discipline which social theorists and historians have offered, and which literary critics have largely accepted.

62 -Gluttony and Gratitude: Milton's Philosophy of Eating / Stelzer, Emily E. (Medieval & Renaissance Literary Studies) 376 p. Penn State UP, 2017/2019.
ISBN:9780271083766 pap \8,469
Despite the persistence and popularity of addressing the theme of eating in Paradise Lost, the tradition of Adam and Eve's sin as one of gluttony-and the evidence for Milton's adaptation of this tradition-has been either unnoticed or suppressed. E.S. provides the first book-length work on the philosophical significance of gluttony in this poem, arguing that a complex understanding of gluttony and of ideal, grateful, and gracious eating informs the content of Milton's writing.

63 -The Lofty Rhyme: A Study of Milton's Major Poetry
/ Rajan, Balachandra. 196 p. Routledge, 1970/2019.
ISBN:9780367139889 \19,080
First published in 1970. Few books on Milton have dealt with his poetry as a whole. The present study, a discussion of Milton’s major poetry, seeks to examine each of the poems on its own distinctive grounds and also to delineate the pattern of continuity.

64 -Milton and Free Will: An Essay in Criticism and Philosophy / Myers, William. 270 p. Routledge, 1987/2019.
ISBN:9780367139575 \25,440
The author engages with all the major currents of the free will debate, starting with Aristotle and Aquinas and considering arguments advanced by Hume and Kant as well as those of a number of modern philosophers including Polanyi, Kenny, Parfit, Plantinga, Swinburne, Dennett and Davidson. He pays particular attention to the Marxist formalism of Bakhtin, the Catholic phenomenology of Pope John Paul II and the evolutionism of Monod and Sober.

65 [Religious Toleration]
Imagining Religious Toleration: A Literary History of an Idea, 1600-1830 / Conway, Alison & Alvarez, David (ed)
304 p. Toronto UP, 2019:10.
ISBN:9781487501792 \12,300
Largely ignored and understudied techniques employed by writers to influence cultural understandings of tolerance are rich for exploration. In investigating the eighteenth-century novel, Alison Conway, David Alvarez, and their contributors shed light on what literature can say about toleration, and how it can produce and manage feelings of tolerance and intolerance.

66 [Renaissance Drama]
Untimely Deaths in Renaissance Drama / Griffin, Andrew
240 p. Toronto UP, 2019:12.
ISBN:9781487503482 \9,840
In the decades before history was institutionalized as a scholarly discipline, historical writing was practiced variously by poets, record keepers, lawyers, sermonizers, mythologizers, and philosophers. In this welter of competing forms of historical thought, early modern drama often operated as a site in which claims about the nature of historical change could be treated in a frequently conflicting manner.

67 [Romantic Poets]
Lives of the Dead Poets: Keats, Shelley, Coleridge
/ Swann, Karen. 177 p. Fordham UP, 2019
ISBN:9780823284177 pap \4,920
This is one of the most exquisitely-crafted books I have ever had the privilege of reading. Swann sets out to complicate the idea that biographical fascination is simply retrograde, sentimental, canonizing, or ideological; she shows how our fascination with these poets is bound up with the way they seem to live on past natural life, suspended in a kind of posthumous time. - Marc Redfield, Brown University

68 [Seventeenth Century]
Literature and Political Intellection in Early Stuart England / Butler, Todd. 256 p. Oxford, 2019.
ISBN:9780198844068 \9,130
Butler examines how writers such as Francis Bacon, John Donne, Philip Massinger, John Milton, and other less familiar figures of the seventeenth-century evidence a shared concern with the interrelationship between mental and political behavior. These analyses are combined with similarly close readings of religious and political affairs that similarly return our attention to how early Stuart writers of all sorts understood the relationship between mental states and the forms of political.

69 [Shakespeare, W.]
Sacred and Secular Transactions in the Age of Shakespeare / Brokaw, Katherine Steele & Zysk, Jason (Rethinking the Early Modern) 256 p. Northwestern UP, 2019:08.
ISBN:9780810140516 pap \6,551

70 -Fortification and Its Discontents from Shakespeare to Milton: Trouble in the Walled City / Mckeown, Adam N.
(Routledge Studies in Renaissance Literature and Culture) 170 p. Routledge, 2019.
ISBN:9780815363699 \24,380
Examining William Shakespeare, Edmund Spenser, John Winthrop, and John Milton, this volume shows how the literature of England and New England explores and challenges the new walled city as England struggled to define the sprawling metropolis of London, translate English urban spaces into Ireland and North America, and, later, survive a long civil war.

71 -The Italian Novella and Shakespeare's Comic Heroines / Walter, Melissa Emerson. 280 p. Toronto UP, 2019.
ISBN:9781487503642 \10,660
Using a comparative, feminist approach informed by English and Italian literary and theatre studies, this book investigates connections between Shakespearean comedy and the Italian novella tradition. Shakespeare’s comedies adapted the styles of wit, character types, motifs, plots, and other narrative elements of the novella tradition for the Elizabethan and Jacobean stage, and they investigated social norms and roles through a conversation carried out in narrative and drama.

72 -Shakespeare and the Folktale: An Anthology of Stories / Artese, Charlotte (ed.) 376 p. Princeton UP, 2019:10.
ISBN:9780691190860 pap \3,271
"Charlotte Artese's fascinating anthology stirs the rich mix of global folktales to set out dozens that are like those Shakespeare knew. Not a collection of his sources but a demonstration of the intriguing ways similar folktales turn up all over the world, here is a delightful set of variations on themes, a gathering of stories we don't quite know in these tellings of old tales."-Peter Holland, University of Notre Dame

73 -Shakespeare and Text, rev. ed. / Jowett, John
(Oxford Shakespeare Topics) 256 p. Oxford, 2019.
ISBN:9780198827559 \8,300
The new revised edition, which builds on Jowett's research for the New Oxford Shakespeare, engages with scholarship of the past decade, work that has transformed our understanding of textual versions, has opened up the taxonomy of Shakespeare's texts, and has significantly extended the picture of Shakespeare as a co-author. A new chapter describes digital text, digital editing, and their interface with the traditional media.

74 -Turn-taking in Shakespeare / Morgan, Oliver
(Oxford Textual Perspectives) 304 p. Oxford, 2019.
ISBN:9780198836360 pap \3,152
Whenever people talk to one another there are at least two things going on at once. First, and most obviously, there is an exchange of speech. Second, and slightly less obviously, there is a negotiation about how that exchange is organised-about whose turn it is to talk at any given moment. Linguists call this second, organisational level of activity 'turn-taking' and since the late 1970s it has been central to the way in which spoken interaction is understood.

75 [Shakespeare/Donne]
William Shakespeare and John Donne: Stages of the Soul in Early Modern English Poetry / Zirker, Angelika
(The Manchester Spenser) 280 p. Manchester UP, 2019:01.
ISBN:9781526133298 \16,960
This study analyses concepts and representations of the soul in the poetry of William Shakespeare and John Donne. It shows how the soul becomes a linking element between the genres of poetry and drama, and how poetry becomes dramatic whenever the soul is at its focus. This double movement can be observed in Shakespeare's The Rape of Lucrece and Donne's Holy Sonnets: in these texts, the connection between interiority and performance, psychology and religious self-care can be found.

76 [Sidney, Ph.]
On Not Defending Poetry: Defence and Indefensibility in Sidney's Defence of Poesy / Bates, Catherine
320 p. Oxford, 2017.
ISBN:9780198793779 \10,790
Sidney's Defence of Poesy-the foundational text of English poetics-is generally taken to present a model of poetry as ideal: the poet depicts ideals of human conduct and readers are inspired to imitate them. Catherine Bates sets out to challenge this received view. Attending very closely to Sidney's text, she identifies within it a model of poetry that is markedly at variance from the one presumed, and shows Sidney's text to be feeling its way toward a quite different-indeed, a de-idealist-poetics.

77 [Spenser, E.]
The Art of  the Faerie Queene / Brown, Richard Danson
(The Manchester Spenser) 328 p. Manchester UP, 2019.
ISBN:9780719087325 \16,960
...offers a sharp new perspective on Spenser by rereading The Faerie Queene as poetry which is at once absorbing, demanding and experimental. Instead of the traditional conservative model of Spenser as poet, this book presents the poem as radical, edgy an radical, edgy and unconventional, thus proposing new ways of understanding the Elizabethan poetic Renaissance.

78 -The Early Spenser, 1554-80: 'Minde on honour fixed’ / Brink, Jean (The Manchester Spenser)
264 p. Manchester UP, 2019:10.
ISBN:9781526142580 \16,960
Contextualising Spenser's life by comparisons with Shakespeare and Sir Walter Ralegh, Brink shows that Spenser shared with Sir Philip Sidney an allegiance to the early modern chivalric code. His departure for Ireland was a high point, not an exile.

79 [Spenser/ Donne]
Spenser and Donne: Thinking Poets / Ryzhik, Yulia (ed)
(The Manchester Spenser) 304 p. Manchester UP, 2019:10.
ISBN:9781526117359 \16,960
This collection of essays brings together leading Spenser and Donne scholars to challenge this dichotomous view and to engage critically with both poets, not only at the sites of direct allusion, imitation, or parody, but also in terms of common preoccupations and continuities of thought, informed by the literary and historical contexts of the politically and intellectually turbulent turn of the century.

80 [Spinoza/ Eliot, G.]
Spinoza's Ethics; tr. by George Eliot / Carlisle, Clare (ed)
384 p. Princeton UP, 2019:11.
ISBN:9780691193243 pap \4,419
This authoritative edition demonstrates why George Eliot's translation remains one of the most compelling and philosophically astute renderings of Spinoza's Latin text. It includes notes that indicate Eliot's amendments to her manuscript and discuss her translation decisions alongside more recent English editions.

81 [Tolkien, J. R.]
Tolkien's Lost Chaucer / Bowers, John M. 336 p. Oxford, 2019:09.
ISBN:9780198842675 \4,150
Tolkien worked between 1922 and 1928 on his Clarendon edition Selections from Chaucer's Poetry and Prose, and though never completed, its 160 pages of commentary reveals much of his thinking about language and storytelling when he was he was still at the threshold of his career as an epoch-making writer of fantasy literature.

82 [Victorian Studies]
Late Victorian into Modern / Marcus, L. et al. (ed)
(Oxford Twenty-First Century Approaches to Literature)
672 p. Oxford, 2016/2019:07.
ISBN:9780198847748 pap \7,470
The organising principle of this book is to retain a key focus on literary texts, broadly understood to include familiar categories of genre as well as extra-textual elements such as press and publishing history, performance events and visual culture, while remaining keenly attentive to the inter-relations between text and context in the period. Individual chapters explore such topics as Celticism, the New Woman, popular fictions, literatures of empire, aestheticism, periodical culture, etc.

83 -The Victorian Novel Dreams of the Real: Conventions and Ideology / Jaffe, Audrey.  200 p. Oxford, 2016/2019.
ISBN:9780190067816 pap \4,893
Reconsiders terms and concepts (metonymy; the use of the arbitrary detail; the idea of disillusionment; the representation of a solid, tangible ordinary life) long used to define "classic" realism and the realist novel. Argues that the use of such conventions and others produce not realism but fantasies of the real: not what "is" real but what each novel wishes to represent as such. Features provocative readings of novels by Eliot, Dickens, Trollope, Hardy, and Collins

84 [Williams, Raymond]
Raymond Williams: Cultural Analyst / McGuigan, Jim
200 p. Chicago UP, 2019.
ISBN:9781789380477 pap \4,920
Raymond Williams was a towering figure in twentieth-century intellectual life. Though he is primarily thought of as a literary scholar, his work crossed disciplinary boundaries, and he made groundbreaking contributions to numerous fields, most notably social and cultural theory. This book focuses in particular on the formation and application of his cultural-materialist methodology to society and politics.

85 [Woolf, Leonard]
Leonard Woolf: Bloomsbury Socialist / Leventhal, Fred and Peter Stansky (Spiritual Lives) 192 p. Oxford, 2019:08.
ISBN:9780198814146 \6,349
An engaging and authoritative biography of Leonard Woolf (1880-1969) Considers his relationship with his wife, Virginia Woolf, his friendships within the Bloomsbury Group, and his pivotal role in Labour Party advisory committees Assesses his extensive writings on international relations, imperialism, democratic socialism, as well as his acclaimed, multi-volume autobiography

86 [Yeats/Joyce]
Yeats and Joyce: Cyclical History and the Reprobate Tradition / Cormack, Alistair. 200 p. Routledge, 2018/12.
ISBN:9781138376175 pap \8,480
Despite their very different histories, Cormack suggests, these two writers can be seen as allies in their insistence on the heresy of the imagination. Reinvigorating and politicising the history of ideas as a powerful medium for studying literature, he shows that Joyce and Yeats independently challenged a linearity and materialism they identified with empire. Both celebrated Ireland as destabilising the accepted forms of thought and the accepted means of narrating the nation