39 [Ariosto]
Ariosto, the Orlando Furioso and English Culture / Everson,

Jane E.. et al. (ed) (Proceedings of the British Academy 221)
374 p. Oxford, 2019:01.
ISBN:9780197266502 \13,200
Ground breaking research on the Orlando Furioso , with new findings and

interpreta- tions. Explores Ariosto's influence, from the sixteenth to the twenty-

first century.

40 [Arthurian Studies]
Arthurianism in Early Plantagenet England: From Henry II

to Edward I / Berard, Christopher Michael. 363 p. Boydell &

Brewer, 2018.
ISBN:9781783273744 \13,560

41 [Austen, Jane]
Jane Austen and Comedy / Goss, Erin (ed) (Transits:

Literature, Thought & Culture 1650-1850) 250 p. Bucknell

UP, 2019:04.
ISBN:9781684480777 pap \5,871
In bringing together Austen and comedy, which are both often dismissed as

superfluous or irrelevant to a contemporary world, this collection of essays

directs attention to the ways we laugh, the ways that Austen may make us do so,

and the ways that our laughter is conditioned by the form in which Austen writes.

4-Jane Austen's Fiction Manuscripts, 5 vols.
/ Sutherland, Kathryn (ed) 2464 p. Oxford, 2018.
ISBN:9780199680917 \87,120
Vol. 1: Introduction; Editorial Procedure; Three Essays/ Vol. 2/ Vol. 3; Lady

Susan/ Vol. 4: The Watsons; Persuasion; Susan; Opinions of Mansfierld Park

and Opinions of Emma: Plan of a Novel; Profits of My Novels/ Vol. 5: Sanditon,


43 [Beowulf]
Beowulf: A Verse Translation, 2nd ed. / Heaney, Seamus (tr);

Donoghue, D. (ed) (Norton Critical Editions)
299 p. W W Norton, 2019.
ISBN:9780393938371 pap \3,150

44 [Blake, W.]
William Blake in Context / Haggarty, Sarah (ed)
(Literature in Context) 350 p. Cambridge UP, 2019:04.
ISBN:9781107144910 \15,118
William Blake, poet and artist, is a figure often understood to have 'created his

own system'. Combining close readings and detailed analysis of a range of Blake's

work, from lyrical songs to later myth, from writing to visual art, this collection

of thirty-eight lively and authoritative essays examines what Blake had in

common with his contemporaries, the writers who influenced him, and those he

influenced in turn

45 -The Reception of William Blake in Europe. 2 vols.
/ Erle, Sibylle & Paley, Morton D. (eds) (The Reception of

British and Irish Authors in Europe) 768 p. Bloomsbury

Academic, 2019.
ISBN:9781472507457 \56,500
The Reception of William Blake in Europe is the first comprehensive and

systematic reference guide to Blake's influence across Europe. Exploring Blake's

impact on literature, art, music and culture, the book includes bibliographies of

major translations of Blake's work in each country covered, as well as a

publication history and timeline of the poet's reception on the continent.

46 [Cartography of English Renaissance]
Pocket Maps and Public Poetry in the English Renaissance
/ Lecky, Katarzyna (Early Modern Literary Geographies)
304 p. Oxford, 2019:04.
ISBN:9780198834694 \9,960

47 [Donne, J.]
John Donne in Context / Schoenfeldt, Michael (Literature in

Context) 420 p. Cambridge UP, 2019:03.
ISBN:9781107043503 \18,480
Short, lively, and accessible chapters written by leading experts in early modern

studies shed light on Donne's literary career, language and works as well as

exploring the social and intellectual contexts of his writing and its reception from

the 17th to the 21st century. These chapters provide the depth of interpretation

that Donne demands, and the range of knowledge that his prodigiously learned

works elicit.

48 [Doyle, A. C.]
The Cambridge Companion to Sherlock Holmes / Allan,

Janice M (ed) (Cambridge Companion to Literature)
280 p. Cambridge UP, 2019:03.
ISBN:9781316609590 pap \3,358
'Contexts' explores late-Victorian culture, from the emergence of detective fiction

to ideas of evolution, gender, and Englishness. 'Case Studies' reads selected

Holmes adventures in the context of empire, visual culture, and the gothic.

Finally, 'Holmesian Afterlives' investigates the relationship between Holmes and

literary theory, film and theatre adaptations, new Holmesian novels, and the

fandom that now surrounds him.

49 [Drabble, M.]
The Plays of Margaret Drabble: A Critical Edition.
/ Fernandez, Jose Francisco (ed.) 175 p. Syracuse UP, 2018.
ISBN:9780815636113 pap \3,351
She wrote two plays?one for television, Laura (1964), and one for the stage, Bird

of Paradise (1969). Fernandez’s penetrating new critical edition makes both plays

available for the first time, giving Drabble fans a new vantage point from which

to understand her work.

50 [Early Modern English Literature]
Religious Conversion in Early Modern English Drama
/ Stelling, Lieke. 230 p. Cambridge UP, 2019:01.
ISBN:9781108477031 \16,798

51 -Ruin and Reformation in Spenser, Shakespeare, and

Marvell / Mottram, Stewart. 272 p. Oxford, 2019:02.
ISBN:9780198836384 \9,960

52 -Gathering Force: Early Modern British Literature in

Transition, 1557-1623, Vol. 1 / Poole, Kristen (ed) (Early

Modern Literature in Transition) 350 p. Cambridge UP, 2018.
ISBN:9781108419635 \20,160
The twenty innovative contributions in Gathering Force: Early Modern

Literature in Transition, 1557-1623 trace ways that five different genres both

spurred and responded to change. Chapters explore different facets of lyric poetry,

romance, commercial drama, masques and pageants, and non-narrative prose.

53 -Unwritten Poetry: Song, Performance, and Media in

Early Modern England / Trudell, Scott A. 272 p. Oxford, 2019:03.
ISBN:9780198834663 \9,960
Explores the work of composers and performers such as Thomas Campion, John

Dowland, Henry Lawes, and Alice Egerton, and the writings of poets including

Sidney, Shakespeare, Jonson, and Milton

54 -The Concept of Nature in Early Modern English

Literature / Remien, Peter. 244 p. Cambridge UP, 2019:02.
ISBN:9781108496810 \16,798
Table of Contents; 1. The oeconomy of nature in seventeenth-century England/ 2.

Penshurst's parasites: Ben Jonson and the art of bad housekeeping/ 3. The school

of beasts: human and animal dwellings in Viret and Marvell/ 4. Divine

husbandry: providence and oikonomia in the works of George Herbert/ 5. Labors

of luxury: John Milton, Thomas Burnet, and the nature of human labor/

Epilogue: from economy to ecology

55 -Retelling the Siege of Jerusalem in Early Modern

England / Neelakanta, Vanita (Early Modern Exchange)
256 p. Delaware UP, 2019.
ISBN:9781644530139 pap \5,880
The siege featured prominently in many early modern English sermons, ballads,

plays, histories, and pamphlets, functioning as a touchstone for writers who

sought to locate their own national drama of civil and religious tumult within a

larger biblical and post-biblical context. Reformed England identified with

besieged Jerusalem, establishing an equivalency between the Protestant church

and the ancient Jewish nation but exposing fears that a displeased God could

destroy his beloved nation.

56 [Eighteenth Century]
Novel Cleopatras: Romance Historiography and the Dido

Tradition in English Fiction 1688-1785 / Horejsi, Nicole
272 p. Toronto UP, 2019:03.
ISBN:9781442647145 \10,920
Advocating a revised history of the eighteenth-century novel, Novel Cleopatras

showcases the novel’s origins in ancient mythology, its relation to epic narrative,

and its connection to neoclassical print culture.

57- The Sentimental Novel in the Eighteenth Century
/ Rivero, Albert J. (ed) 320 p. Cambridge UP, 2019:04.
ISBN:9781108418928 \16,798
Albert J. Rivero, Professor of English at Marquette University, has published

widely on British literature of the long eighteenth century. He has edited critical

editions of Gulliver's Travels (2002), Moll Flanders (2004), Samuel Richardson's

Pamela: Or, Virtue Rewarded (Cambridge, 2011) and Pamela in Her Exalted

Condition (Cambridge, 2012).

58 -Anecdotes of Enlightenment: Human Nature from

Locke to Wordsworth / Wood, James Robert. 272 p. Virginia

UP, 2019:06.
ISBN:9780813942209 \8,316
Anecdotes of Enlightenment features careful readings of the philosophy of John

Locke and David Hume; the periodical essays of Joseph Addison, Richard Steele,

and Eliza Haywood; the travel narratives of Joseph Banks, James Cook,

and James Boswell; the poetry of Samuel Taylor Coleridge and William Wordsworth;

and Laurence Sterne’s Tristram Shandy.

59 -Public Vows: Fictions of Marriage in the English

Enlightenment / Ganz, Melissa J. 328 p. Virginia UP, 2019.
ISBN:9780813942421 \7,560
In eighteenth-century England, the institution of marriage became the subject of

heated debates, as clerics, jurists, legislators, philosophers, and social observers

began rethinking its contractual foundation. Public Vows argues that these

debates shaped English fiction in crucial and previously unrecognized ways and

that novels played a central role in the debates, of such novelists as Daniel Defoe,

Samuel Richardson, Frances Burney, Eliza Fenwick, and Amelia Opie.

60 -A World of Disorderly Notions: Quixote and the Logic

of Exceptionalism / Hanlon, Aaron R. 224 p. Virginia UP,

ISBN:9780813942162 \4,956
As British and American societies of the Enlightenment developed the need to

question the acceptance of various forms of imperialism and social contract

theory?and to explain both the virtues and limitations of revolutions past and

ongoing-it was Quixote’s exceptionalism. As a consequence, the eighteenth

century witnessed an explosion of imitations of Quixote in fiction and polemical

writing, by writers such as Jonathan Swift, Charlotte Lennox, Henry Fielding.

61 -4E Cognition and Eighteenth-century Fiction: How

the Novel Found its Feet / Kukkonen, Karin (Cognition and

Poetics) 264 p. Oxford, 2019:03.
ISBN:9780190913045 \13,860
Applies the contemporary philosophical theory of 4E cognition to the eighteenth-

century novel, forging new paths in Cognitive Poetics Explores lesser-known

works from Eliza Haywood, Charlotte Lennox, Sarah Fielding, and Frances

Burney, and includes a discussion of Burney's manuscripts and letters

62 -The Printed Reader: Gender, Quixotism, and Textual

Bodies in Eighteenth-Century Britain / Dale, Amelia
(Transits: Literature, Thought & Culture 1650-1850)
224 p. Bucknel UP, 2019:06.
ISBN:9781684481026 pap \5,871
Explores the transformative power of reading in the eighteenth century, and how

this was expressed in the fascination with Don Quixote and in a proliferation of

narratives about quixotic readers, readers who attempt to reproduce and embody

their readings.

63 -Novel Bodies: Disability & Sexuality in 18th-century

British Literature / Farr, Jason S. (Transits: Literature,

Thought & Culture 1650-1850) 224 p. Bucknell UP, 2019.
ISBN:9781684481071 pap \5,871
Novel Bodies examines how disability shapes the British literary history of

sexuality. Jason Farr shows that various eighteenth-century novelists represent

disability and sexuality in flexible ways to reconfigure the political and social

landscapes of eighteenth-century Britain.

64 -Intelligent Souls?: Feminist Orientalism in

Eighteenth-century English Literature / Cahill, Samara

Anne (Transits: Literature, Thought & Culture 1650-1850)
250 p. Bucknel UP, 2019:04.
ISBN:9781684480975 pap \5,871
Surprisingly, women writers of the period accepted the stereotype, but used it for

their own purposes. Rowe, Carter, Lennox, More, and Wollstonecraft, Cahill

argues, established common ground with men by leveraging the “otherness”

identified with Islam Islam to dispute British culture’s assumption that British

women were lacking in intelligence, selfhood, or professional abilities.

65 -Eliza Fenwick: Early Modern Feminist
/ Paul, Lissa.  352 p. Delaware UP, 2019:06.
ISBN:9781644530108 pap \5,880
This captivating biography traces the life of Eliza Fenwick, an extraordinary

woman who paved her own unique path throughout the late 18th and 19th

centuries as she made her way from country to country as writer, teacher, and


66 -The Circuit of Apollo: Eighteenth-century Women's

Tributes to Women / Runge, Laura L. & Jessica Cook (ed)
264 p. Delaware UP, 2019:04.
ISBN:9781644530047 pap \5,880
Written by a combination of established scholars and new critics in the field,

the essays collected in Circuit of Apollo attest to the vital practice of commemorating

women’s artistic and personal relationships. In doing so, they illuminate the

complexit of female friendships and honor as well as the robust creativity and

intellectual work contributed by women to culture in the long eighteenth century.

67 [Eliot, G.]
In Love with George Eliot [Fiction] / O'Shaughnessy, Kathy
320 p. Scribe, 2019:11.
ISBN:9781912854042 \3,839
Who was the real George Eliot? In Love with George Eliot is a glorious debut

novel which tells the compelling story of England's greatest woman novelist as

you've never read it. Kathy O'Shaughnessy is a famous book-reviewer and editor.

68 [Eliot, T. S.]
T. S. Eliot's Dialectical Imagination / Brooker, J. S. (Hopkins

Studies in Modernism) 215 p. Johns Hopkins UP, 2018.
ISBN:9781421426525 \8,391
The first principle is that contradictions are best understood dialectically, by

moving to perspectives that both include and transcend them. The second is that

all truths exist in relation to other truths. Together or in tandem, these two

principles-dialectic and relativism-constitute the basis of a continual reshaping of

Eliot’s imagination.

69 [Jacobean Studies]
Writing the Monarch in Jacobean England: Jonson, Donne,

Shakespeare and the Works of King James / Rickard, Jane
282 p. Cambridge UP, 2016/2019.
ISBN:9781107546769 pap \5,038
This book is the first sustained study of the reception of King James VI and I's

works, covering various genres including poetry, drama and sermons. It is of

great interest to researchers and upper-level students of Renaissance and

Jacobean literature, Shakespeare studies, Ben Jonson, John Donne and Jacobean


70 [Joyce, J.]
Serial Encounters: Ulysses and the Little Review
/ Hutton, Clare. 304 p. Oxford, 2019:06.
ISBN:9780198744078 \9,960

71 -Ulysses, Film and Visual Culture / Sicker, Philip
288 p. Cambridge UP, 2018:08.
ISBN:9781108428408 \17,640
Although Joyce was losing his sight when he wrote Ulysses, Stephen's and

Bloom's visual experiences are extraordinarily rich and complex. Absorbing the

influences of popular visual attractions such as dioramas, stereoscopes and

mutoscopes, their perceptions of Dublin are shaped by what Walter Benjamin

calls 'unconscious optics'.

72 -James Joyce's America / Brian Fox. 256 p. Oxford,

ISBN:9780198814023 \7,700

73 [Kipling, R.]
The Cause of Humanity and Other Stories: Rudyard

Kipling's Uncollected Prose Fictions / Kipling, R.; ed. Thomas

Pinney. 450 p. Cambridge UP, 2018:11.
ISBN:9781108476423 \4,191
This volume brings together for the first time some 86 uncollected short fictions.

Almost all of them will be unfamiliar to readers; some are unrecorded in any

bibliography; some are here published for the first time.

74 [Langland, W.]
Approaches to Teaching Langland's Piers Plowman /

Goodmann, Th. A. (ed) (Approaches to Teaching World

Literature 151)  266 p. MLA, 2018.
ISBN:9781603293402 pap \4,032

75 [Lawrence, D. H.]
The Poems, Volume 3: Uncollected Poems and Early

Versions / Pollnitz, Christopher (ed) (The Cambridge Edition

of the Letters and Works of D. H. Lawrence) 750 p.

Cambridge UP, 2018.
ISBN:9781108426862 \22,176
Volume 3 includes his uncollected poems and many early versions; versions in his

first two collections, Love Poems and Others and Amores, are published in full.

The chronological ordering of uncollected poems and early versions in this

volume makes developments in theme and style readily traceable and offers new

perspectives on each period of his verse-writing.

76 [Malory, Sir Th.]
A New Companion to Malory / Leitch, M.G. & C.J. Rushton
(Arthurian Studies) 325 p. Boydell & Brewer, 2019:04.
ISBN:9781843845232 \13,560

77 [Marvell, A.]
The Oxford Handbook of Andrew Marvell / Dzelzainis,

Martin & E. Holberton (ed) 822 p. Oxford, 201903.
ISBN:9780198736400 \20,750
A landmark collection that opens a new window into the relations between

literature and history as exemplified by a writer at the epicentre of the

revolutionary upheavals of the seventeenth century

78 [Medieval Studies]
Shaping Identity in Medieval French Literature: The Other

Within / Tudor, Adrian P. & Kristin L. Burr (ed)
176 p. Florida UP, 2019:08.
ISBN:9780813056432 \13,440
Contributors to this collection consider the multiplicity and instability of

medieval French literary identity, arguing that it is fluid and represented in

many different ways. Inherently unstable, identity is created, re-created, adopted,

refused, imposed, and self-imposed. Additionally, taken together the essays posit

that an individual may identify with a group, existing within it, and yet remain

foreign to it.

79 [Modernist Literature]
Affective Materialities: Reorienting the Body in Modernist

Literature / Watts, Kara et al. (ed) 240 p. Florida UP,

ISBN:9780813056289 \14,280
Showing the ways the body in literature can be a lens for understanding the

fluidities of race, gender, and sexuality, as well as species and subjectivity, this

volume maps the connections among modernist aesthetics, histories of the 20th-

century body, the concerns of modernism that can also speak to urgent concerns

of today.

80 [Renaissance Studies]
Impossible Desire and the Limits of Knowledge in

Renaissance Poetry / Hyman, Wendy Beth. 256 p.

Oxford, 2019.
ISBN:9780198837510 \9,130

81 -Premodern Ecologies in the Modern Literary

Imagination / Nardizzi, Vin & Tiffany Jo Werth (ed)
336 p. Toronto UP, 2019:05.
ISBN:9781487504144 \12,600
The essays connect real environments and their imaginative (re)creations and

affirm the urgency of reorienting humanity’s responsiveness to, and

responsibility for, the historical links between human and non-human existence.

82 [Rossetti, Ch.]
Christina Rossetti :The Critical Heritage / Humphries,

Simon (ed) (The Critical Heritage II) 347 p. Routledge, 2019.
ISBN:9780415556132 \46,330
The volume draws on hundreds of manuscript sources unnoticed in scholarship in

order to provide the most accurate available literary biography and publication

history of Rossetti, illuminating many aspects of her writing life - including her

involvement with the Portfolio society and her relation with Macmillan ? which

have been misunderstood. with the Portfolio society and her relation with

Macmillan - which have been misunderstood.

83 [Ruskin, J.]
John Ruskin: Selected Prose / Lansdown, R. (ed) (21st

Century Oxford Authors) 560 p. Oxford, 2019:3.
ISBN:9780198816560 \15,840
Published authors in the series: William Blake, Thomas Browne, Elizabeth

Barrett Browning, Robert Browning, Thomas De Quincey, John Donne, Samuel

Johnson, John Keats, Isaac Rosenberg, Algernon Charles Swinburne, and

William Wordsworth.

84 [Shakespeare, W.]
The Cambridge Companion to Shakespeare and Religion /

Hamlin, Hannibal (Cambridge Companions to Literature)
332 p. Cambridge UP, 2019:02.
ISBN:9781316624234 pap \5,374
Hannibal Hamlin is Professor of English at the Ohio State University. He is the

author of The Bible in Shakespeare (2013) and Psalm Culture and Early Modern

English Literature (Cambridge, 2004); and co-editor of The King James Bible

after Four Hundred Years: Literary, Linguistic, and Cultural Influences

(Cambridge, 2010); and The Sidney Psalter: The Psalms of Philip and Mary

Sidney (2009).

85 -Impressive Shakespeare: Identity, Authority and the

Imprint in Shakespearean Drama / Newman, Harry
(Material Readings in Early Modern Culture)
199 p. Routledge, 2019.
ISBN:9781472465320 \23,730
Harry Newman argues that Shakespeare deploys the imprint as a self-reflexive

trope in order to advertise the value of his plays to audiences and

readers, and that in turn the language of impression has shaped,

and continues to shape, Shakespeare’s  critical afterlife.

86 -Much Ado about Nothing, 3rd ed. / Mares, F. H. (ed)
(The New Cambridge Shakespeare) 198 p. Cambridge UP,

ISBN:9781316626733 pap \2,007

87 -Shakespeare Seen: Image, Performance and Society
/ Sillars, Stuart. 306 p. Cambridge UP, 2018.
ISBN:9781107193246 \17,640
Covering a rich chronological terrain, from the beginning of the eighteenth

century to the midpoint of the nineteenth, Stuart Sillars offers a

multidisciplinary, nuanced approach to reading Shakespeare in relation to image,

history, text, book history, text, book history, print culture and performance.

88 -Shakespearean Territories / Elden, Stuart
338 p. Chicago UP, 2018.
ISBN:9780226559193 pap \3,685

89 [Shelley, P. B.]
Shelleyan Reimaginings and Influence: New Relations
/ O'Neill, Michael. 368 p. Oxford, 2019:03.
ISBN:9780198833697 \9,960

90 -Romantic Revelations: Visions of Post-Apocalyptic

Life and Hope in the Anthropocene / Washington, Chris
264 p. Toronto UP, 2019:06.
ISBN:9781487504502 \10,920
Romantic Revelations argues that Percy Shelley, Mary Shelley, Lord Byron,

JClare, and Jane Austen sketch out a post-apocalyptic world that, in contrast to

the sunnier Romantic narratives, is paradoxically the vision that offers us hope.
In thinking through life after disaster, Washington contends that these authors

craft an optimistic vision of the future that leads to a new politics.

91 [Tragedy]
Tragedy as Philosophy in the Reformation World
/ Leo, Russ. 320 p. Oxford, 2019.
ISBN:9780198834212 \10,560
Draws on a unique archive of writing on tragedy, making available information

about many unduly neglected poets, critics, and philosophers Presents English

translations of key passages, in many cases for the first time, from crucial works

crucial works originally published in Latin, Dutch, and Italian

92 [Victorian Studies]
Novel Cultivations: Plants in British Literature of the Global

Nineteenth Century / Chang, Elizabeth Hope (Under the

Sign of Nature) 240 p. Virginia UP, 2019:04.
ISBN:9780813942483 pap \4,956
Situated in a mid-Victorian moment of frenetic plant collecting from the far

reaches of the British empire, Novel Cultivations recognizes plants as vital and

sentient subjects that serve as actors and narrative engines in the 19th century


93 -Romance's Rival: Familiar Marriage in Victorian

Fiction / Schaffer, Talia.  352 p. Oxford, 2019.
ISBN:9780190887414 pap \4,900

94 -The Cambridge Companion to Victorian Women's

Poetry / Hughes, Linda K. (ed) (Cambridge Companion to

Literature)  320 p. Cambridge UP, 2019:03.
ISBN:9781316633571 pap \5,374
The book is inclusive in method, demonstrating, for example, the benefits of both

distant and close reading approaches, and featuring major figures like Elizabeth

Barrett Browning and Christina Rossetti and over one hundred poets altogether.

95 [Welsh Literature]
The Cambridge History of Welsh Literature / Evans, Geraint

(ed) 550 p. Cambridge UP, 2019:02.
ISBN:9781107106765 \21,840
In the early twentieth century, Welsh writers in English outnumbered writers in

Welsh for the first time, generating new modes of writing and a crisis of national

identity which began to resolve itself at the end of the 20th century with the
political devolution of Wales within the United Kingdom. By considering the 

literatures side by side, this book argues that bilingualism is now a normative

condition in Wales.

96 [Wordsworth, Coleridge]
Wordsworth, Coleridge, and 'The Language of the Heavens'
/ Owens, Thomas. 224 p. Oxford, 2019:05.

ISBN:9780198840862 \9,960