The Oxford History of Anglicanism


Volume I : Reformation and Identity c.1520-1662;

Edited by Anthony Milton, University of Sheffield 

226 pages  9780199639731  Oxford, 2017   \16,720


Volume II : Establishment and Empire, 1662 -1829:

Edited by Jeremy Gregory, University of Nottingham 

226 pages  9780199644636  Oxford, 2017   \16,720 (在庫)


Volume III : Partisan Anglicanism and its Global Expansion 1829-c. 1914

Edited by Rowan Strong, Murdoch University, Perth, Australia

528 pages  9780199699704  Oxford, 2017   \16,720


Volume IV : Global Western Anglicanism, c. 1910-present

 Edited by Jeremy Morris, University of Cambridge

480 pages  9780199641406  Oxford, 2017   \16,720


Volume V : Global Anglicanism, c. 1910-2000

Edited by William L. Sachs, Director of the Center for Interfaith Reconciliation, St Stephen's Episcopal Church, Richmond, Virginia

480 pages  9780199643011  Oxford, 2017   \16,720 (在庫)



  ・A major new and unprecedented international study of the

   identity and historical influence of one of the world's largest

   versions of Christianity

  ・Consists of chapters covering not just the ecclesiastical and

   theological aspects of global Anglicanism, but also the political,

   social, economic, and cultural influences of this form of

   Christianity, written by leading international experts

  ・Include select bibliographies pointing to recent and

   indispensible further reading in their topics

  ・Focuses on the Early Modern period


"Each chapter is comprehensively footnoted and supplied with a select

bibliography, making this an indispensable volume for those who

want to learn more about the origins of the term Anglicanism, and

about the faith professed in a century-and-a-half of religious turmoil

in these islands."


"This volume is...replete with the most recent scholarship and

rigorous research by some of the most able and impressive historians

working in the field today. For anyone wanting to gain a deeper

understanding of the terrain of the current debates surrounding the

English Reformation, this cannot be too highly recommended." -

Edward Manger, Ordained Servant